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Help Me

I might die any moment
I might vanish
Into a black hole soon
I don’t know where I will go
I don’t know if
I will meet you
Life has been sunshine
In small pockets
Only because of you
Rest has been injustice And humiliation
Heart breaks
And exploitation
I live in stress
I might go with pain
So many dreams Unfulfilled
So many debts unpaid
So many friends not met
So many enemies
Not forgiven
But I will thank you
Till my last moment
Of consciousness
For you alone
Could love me
You alone could embrace All my stupidity and sins
You alone stood by me
For who I am
And who I could not be
You alone forgave me
When I hurt you
You never shouted and Screamed at me
You never hit me
You never hurled
Abuses at me
You never left me alone When I was in need
You did not take revenge
You did not abandon
You always sacrificed
You always loved
You always reached out
And pulled me out of the Muck and mire
Others embedded me in
Each time a man
Killed my heart
Each time a woman
Smeared me with malice
Each time I cried
Each time
I writhed in pain
You alone prayed
You alone touched
My entire being
So softly so warmly
Easing the pain
Gifting hope and succour
After you
The will to live ebbs
I tried all
So many things
To live again
Travel , friendship , love too
But it fails
Each time I smile
Each time I laugh
It provokes another stab
Another potion of venom
By those I trust
By those I love
By those I help
Is complete
Punishments are plenty
Those who pray
Those who love
Are too far away
And emptiness is close
No one to hug
No one to pour my heart to
No one who understands
No one who has empathy
People use and leave me
Some leaving Unobtrusively
Some after they assure
Their loot is complete
Their revenge is whole
Am aging
In body and mind
Like you
You had me and I had you
I have no one now
I understand
How isolated you might Have been too
In your last days
Of lonely pain
When I went to work Leaving you home
When I tried to entertain
My stress
Neglecting your need
Of me
When I showed anger
When I chased someone
Who had nothing to offer
To You or me
When I talked to you but Didn’t hear your soul
You alone cared for me
Even then
You alone wished for my Happiness even then
Forgiveness came easy
To you
Revenge reigns others
This hatred is so close
This hatred is so intense
I wriggle , I scream
It never turns into love
It never rises to kindness
So I wan
All a waste
I had so much to offer
The world
People ,animals
No grit left
No joy ,no hope
I lie awake at night
Crying alone
Hugging my dog
Waiting for the sun
To breathe and
Oxygenate me
Waiting for a distraction
Powerful enough to forget
Each hurt ,each fear
He throws at me
I try everyday
But respite evades
My being
I have high blood pressure
A recent gift !
I know time is scarce
I want to do so much still
But no help
Lot of talk about
Being strong
I know I am
That does not help Somehow
So my dearest mother
My angel in heaven
Help me to
Love and forgive
Those who hate
And punish
To understand
Why they don’t understand
To be kind
To those who are cruel
To embrace
And to let go
Help me to live , to die
But in peace
In love and gratitude
Not to be sucked into darkness
But merge into light
Love you forever

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I Wonder …

I often wonder
Why animals have hearts
So full of love and loyalty
Why forgiveness comes
So effortlessly to them
Why they dance ,
Their entire being a joy
Whenever you return home ( Even if you have been away only for a few minutes ! )
I often wonder
How they sense your sadness
And refuse to leave your side
Till all the tears dry
Why they want to kiss and Cuddle all the time
Even when you shout at them
I often wonder
Why they follow you everywhere
Looking at you longingly
As if you might vanish
Into thin air the next moment !
Why they shrink in your absence
Why they wait for you ,forever
Why they don’t want to
Change you
Or exchange you with another
Why all your flaws are
Nothing ,just nothing to them
Why your being is their
Entire life !
I often wonder