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Only If

Only if you were here

To hold my setting sun

In your embrace And lower it

Gently Into the soft earth I

Its hues your colours

Its fire your warmth

And its oblivion

Your reincarnation

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I Wonder …

I often wonder
Why animals have hearts
So full of love and loyalty
Why forgiveness comes
So effortlessly to them
Why they dance ,
Their entire being a joy
Whenever you return home ( Even if you have been away only for a few minutes ! )
I often wonder
How they sense your sadness
And refuse to leave your side
Till all the tears dry
Why they want to kiss and Cuddle all the time
Even when you shout at them
I often wonder
Why they follow you everywhere
Looking at you longingly
As if you might vanish
Into thin air the next moment !
Why they shrink in your absence
Why they wait for you ,forever
Why they don’t want to
Change you
Or exchange you with another
Why all your flaws are
Nothing ,just nothing to them
Why your being is their
Entire life !
I often wonder



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Throbbing Stillness

Sprouting still

I have been standing

Since ages

Echoing tales of eras

Buried deep in time’s womb

Mourning the loss of

Cultures and civilizations

Celebrating the immotility

Of memories and moments

My heart still beats

With the sound of

Faded footsteps

My soul flutters

Out of hibernation

With each new presence

Each touch


Within my being

The sunset Lulls

All my demons and angels

To sleep

The dawn Awakens

New fears and hopes

My stony eyes span all

Refusing to blink

Not missing a single mood

Nor shutting out

A single perspective

The yearning for life

Silences the need to repose

My stillness Invigorates all.