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Throbbing Stillness

Sprouting still

I have been standing

Since ages

Echoing tales of eras

Buried deep in time’s womb

Mourning the loss of

Cultures and civilizations

Celebrating the immotility

Of memories and moments

My heart still beats

With the sound of

Faded footsteps

My soul flutters

Out of hibernation

With each new presence

Each touch


Within my being

The sunset Lulls

All my demons and angels

To sleep

The dawn Awakens

New fears and hopes

My stony eyes span all

Refusing to blink

Not missing a single mood

Nor shutting out

A single perspective

The yearning for life

Silences the need to repose

My stillness Invigorates all.

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Misprinted Hash tag

Another horizon
Another time
Life speeds up
I stagnate
Isolated destiny
A tight cocoon
Searching the dry desolation
For lush portals .
All lights up
Bathing me in
Dark layers of oblivion
The stillness
Scrounging all that was pure
All that was sacred
Shadows glare at me
With mockery and disdain
Love – still
A misprinted hash tag

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Living you

If a touch could
Sing a song of love
That touch was yours
If a look could be an armour
Against all odds
That look was yours
If a smile could be the God
Around you
That smile was yours
Missing you but living you , my most lovable mother , my angel in heaven .
Happy Teacher’s Day !
I remember all the lessons of love and kindness ; forgiveness and acceptance taught by you

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Fotor_150163731525230Woke up to

Dreams of your infidelity

And early dawn showers

Fears chased me

Out of the room

Into the downpour

Hues of the umbrella

Mocked and smirked

Once your camera

Had kissed my smiling face

Under the same umbrella

I threw the umbrella away

And tried to repeat

The smile

Under the drops from the sky

And remembered

The hugs in the rain

The rides into the mist

The smile froze

Body shivering in fever

And omens

From the heavens

Pittar patter

They raged

My dog laid a paw on my leg

And I returned to the room