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Is freedom for you

For me

It is fortification

Of all that I am

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The Three

They were the three

One who always painted

Certain parts of a male body

The second always painted

His long nails black

The third

(It hurts to talk about him )

Painted an unsuspecting

Golden life grey

Their potent art

Erased an entire civilization

Of love and joy

Laying waste

What was once so alive

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Lies Kill

All the lies that you tell

To hide the stigma of past

And the deceptions of present

Do no good

They just suck the life blood

Away from the body

Drop by drop

Now it reads at 9.2

Was afraid

I would die soon

So wanted to live

To travel to distant lands

See the Aurora

Say hi to the polar bears

See you become famous

See you smile at me

With joy and love

For once

At least once

But now the hope has

Been puffed out

With the cigarettes

You love more than me

The malicious beings

You call your friends

Are experts in stripping women

Of all dignity

Specially is she is someone’s wife

Even yours

More so if yours

My mother always thought

Me to be a lively girl

Little did she know

About the black rocks

That fall on a woman’s heart

When she loves a man

Like the temple ruins we saw today

My time is dilapidated

The future is dead

Only wish the blood does not

Go drop by drop

I don’t want to scream

Like my mother did

While dying

I wish to bleed quickly and go before the screams hit

Killing myself would not be easy though

It is a sin

Am afraid

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Fotor_150163731525230Woke up to

Dreams of your infidelity

And early dawn showers

Fears chased me

Out of the room

Into the downpour

Hues of the umbrella

Mocked and smirked

Once your camera

Had kissed my smiling face

Under the same umbrella

I threw the umbrella away

And tried to repeat

The smile

Under the drops from the sky

And remembered

The hugs in the rain

The rides into the mist

The smile froze

Body shivering in fever

And omens

From the heavens

Pittar patter

They raged

My dog laid a paw on my leg

And I returned to the room

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The Elephant on My Roof


Times like this

I talk to the baby elephant

On my roof

The room is very silent

My dog is asleep

Tired after play

My old father is slowly

Wasting away

He hardly was talkative

Even in his youth

Now silence is his forte

My husband is away

To work

I have fever

He didn’t call the entire day

I did and he forgot

To ask about my fever

The room silences sleep

And I sit straight

Staring at the dim shape

Of a baby elephant

On my roof

Where repairs have

Left grey marks

Creating a silhouette

Of a baby elephant

With a long trunk

Sitting on his bum

I want to cuddle him

I can’t

So I talk instead

I tell him all my tales

Show him the fissures

Of time

Dug deep into my heart

Sing to him

The songs of sorrow

And joy

Argue against all

The world approves

And disapproves

Share the secrets of my soul

He sits there


Sometimes I feel him

Nod his trunk

Sometimes I visualise

Pain on his innocent face

But all the time

He listens

I can talk to him

All night

But my dog stirs

He is lonely too

I turn to him

Hug and try to sleep

In the comfort that

The elephant is there

Always there

I can talk to him

Whenever I want

He would nod

And show pain

But he will be always


As long as I want him

My baby elephant

On the roof

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A sad sad day !

A street female dog had given birth to 7 puppies a few months ago .Only two survived the car wheels , people with stones and harsh climate .Before going to a trip to Rajasthan with my husband , I came to know that one of the two had been poisoned and was no more .There is a neighbour who feeds strays and lets them sleep in front of her house .The mother of thses pups sleeps below her car .She is the one who informed me .The surviving pup was very healthy and beautiful so I was sure he would be safe and no one would have the heart to kill him 

But how wrong I was ! After returning from the trip I could not locate him and asked my dog  lover neighbour .I was informed that this pup had some skin disease with entire body oozing water ,itching and smelly. She said the entire neighborhood including her were chasing him away when he appeared crying and seeking help. I tried to locate him but he is nowhere to be found .The SPCA in our city is a joke and hardly anyone to offer help .I adopted a stray pup last year when a car ran over his leg last year ,or I could have adopted the cute one too when he was visible .

Am placing a  milk bowl outside daily in the hope that he might show up though I font know if he does how would I help since even his own mother has abandoned him and the vets in city are only keen on pedigree dogs .

My city is harsh to stray dogs and such sad stories are writ large everywhere .It is not a city for animals or animal lovers .The so called animal activists here are only active on Facebook .

This is not a planned blog post ,just pouring out .Please pray for this very tortured pup wherever he is and for many others trying to live their circle of life among people who have turned into beasts . Let the animals live .