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Sky Window

Somewhere there
In the sky window
Is my soul
Waiting to meet my body
I would come alive
And fly to the window
To meet her
My soul
In the sky window

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Fotor_150163731525230Woke up to

Dreams of your infidelity

And early dawn showers

Fears chased me

Out of the room

Into the downpour

Hues of the umbrella

Mocked and smirked

Once your camera

Had kissed my smiling face

Under the same umbrella

I threw the umbrella away

And tried to repeat

The smile

Under the drops from the sky

And remembered

The hugs in the rain

The rides into the mist

The smile froze

Body shivering in fever

And omens

From the heavens

Pittar patter

They raged

My dog laid a paw on my leg

And I returned to the room

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The Elephant on My Roof


Times like this

I talk to the baby elephant

On my roof

The room is very silent

My dog is asleep

Tired after play

My old father is slowly

Wasting away

He hardly was talkative

Even in his youth

Now silence is his forte

My husband is away

To work

I have fever

He didn’t call the entire day

I did and he forgot

To ask about my fever

The room silences sleep

And I sit straight

Staring at the dim shape

Of a baby elephant

On my roof

Where repairs have

Left grey marks

Creating a silhouette

Of a baby elephant

With a long trunk

Sitting on his bum

I want to cuddle him

I can’t

So I talk instead

I tell him all my tales

Show him the fissures

Of time

Dug deep into my heart

Sing to him

The songs of sorrow

And joy

Argue against all

The world approves

And disapproves

Share the secrets of my soul

He sits there


Sometimes I feel him

Nod his trunk

Sometimes I visualise

Pain on his innocent face

But all the time

He listens

I can talk to him

All night

But my dog stirs

He is lonely too

I turn to him

Hug and try to sleep

In the comfort that

The elephant is there

Always there

I can talk to him

Whenever I want

He would nod

And show pain

But he will be always


As long as I want him

My baby elephant

On the roof