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Children of Dust 

We are the children of dust 

We choose freedom 

Over rat traps

Simple Joys over 

Dreams of gold 

We own our time 

We don’t pawn it 

To lick 

Borrowed drops of dew 

We are the children of dust

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Girls of a Lesser God ? 

Pair Dho ke Poojna , Pher kyuon Rolna ? ( Why exploit the girl child when we worship her as Devi , washing her feet ?) says the caption in one of the photographs in my room .As I prepare to go and feed the girls in A Lepers’  colony on this auspicious day of Ram Navami , the last day of the Hindu festival and fasting known as Navratras ; I cannot help but be shamed by the hypocritical mind sets and actions our society displays vis a vis the Girl Child .This very young girl performing an act too dangerous for her age , reflects the pathetic realty of poverty ,greed and exploitation of the poor and the weak 

We worship the girl child as the purest avtaar of Shakti , Goddess Durga but kill her in the womb or even after she arrives in the world .Many of my associates who smear their forehead with vermilion and visit the temples daily , have committed the crime of female foeticide in their desire for a male child . Female infanticide , dowry killing , rape , domestic violence and multi faceted crimes against women continue  unabated all over the world  in spite of laws and claims .