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Palm Reading 

He looks at my palm ,

The aged astrologer 

Leaning across the table 

Frowning away ruefully 

My breathless expectations .

Doodles on a yellow 

Piece of paper and

Leans back In composure.

My dying hopes 

Flutter and 

Dare to breathe again !

“Your Saturn is bad 

So is your Sun and Venus ”

A bounty of the ‘bad’ words 

Slither out of his mouth.

I wait 

For a change 

In the tone and mood 

Of his predictions .

He leaves my palm 

And spreads his ,

It is payement time !

Stupified ,I struggle 

To find my voice 

” Please tell me about 

The good too ,sir ”

After a hint of a sad smile 

His face wears the frown again 

” All the ‘ good ‘ in your destiny 

Has vapourised 

Long ago !” 

The frown mocks at me again  

I give up,

 Fill his palm 

And go back to the void

Hugging my empty one .




Still searching for everything ! Amateur photographer , poet , biker ( pillion riding !) , traveller , blogger , adventurer , book crazy , animal lover .

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