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A Heart with Holes 

“Look there is a heart 

In your cup of coffee !”

He smiled 

And my soul 

Got lulled again 

By the opium of hope 

But another look at the cup 

Raised the goosebumps 

Of fear again 

The white heart floating 

In the browns of coffee

Had holes in it !

Not one , but four !

I sushed my despair 

And drank in

The white heart 

With four holes .

Reaching home

His smiles peeled away 

The mask of cordiality 

And the hiss was back on 

“Am sleeping in the 

Other room , 

Let me die alone 

If you don’t want me to live alone ”

The heart with holes started churning inside me

Threatening all 

Sucking all 

Into its widening holes 

I rushed into the washroom

Trying to throw out

The heart with holes 

But it embedded itself

Deep in the crevasses

Of my own heart 

And now 

I have two hearts 

With holes .



Still searching for everything ! Amateur photographer , poet , biker ( pillion riding !) , traveller , blogger , adventurer , book crazy , animal lover .

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