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The floor awaits 

The reverberations 

Of my feet 

To make its heart beat 

Once again

And light 

Dances on my face 

Undaunted by myriad lamps 

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Palm Reading 

He looks at my palm ,

The aged astrologer 

Leaning across the table 

Frowning away ruefully 

My breathless expectations .

Doodles on a yellow 

Piece of paper and

Leans back In composure.

My dying hopes 

Flutter and 

Dare to breathe again !

“Your Saturn is bad 

So is your Sun and Venus ”

A bounty of the ‘bad’ words 

Slither out of his mouth.

I wait 

For a change 

In the tone and mood 

Of his predictions .

He leaves my palm 

And spreads his ,

It is payement time !

Stupified ,I struggle 

To find my voice 

” Please tell me about 

The good too ,sir ”

After a hint of a sad smile 

His face wears the frown again 

” All the ‘ good ‘ in your destiny 

Has vapourised 

Long ago !” 

The frown mocks at me again  

I give up,

 Fill his palm 

And go back to the void

Hugging my empty one .


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The Tree ,The Stump ,The Sapling 

Where it was 

Now there is only a stump 

And a sapling 

The tree is gone

It left one morning 

No goodbyes 

No promises for 

Another lifetime 

Of love and laughter 

No rustling songs 

Just soul piercing screams 

Of life oozing out 

Green turning red 

The blood seeping into 

The vaccum below 

And beyond 

Rain fills my palm 

As I touch the sapling 

Besides the stump 

Trying to feel 

That which is lost 

No , am mistaken 

The tree was for me

The sapling is another’s

I turn to the stump 

But it has no heartbeat 

Only a shadow 

It is ready to follow the tree 

And the sapling 

It is not for me 

It does not like

The rain in my palm 

It waits for a hand 

With warmth and light 

Where it was

Now there is only a stump

And a sapling 

The tree is gone 

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Go into the Dark 

​You have to go 

Into the dark

There is no hand to hold

And no light to lead 

You have to go into the dark

There is no other way

And no excuses left 

You have to go into the dark

The fireflies are all dead 

You are alone 

You have to go into the dark 

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A Heart with Holes 

“Look there is a heart 

In your cup of coffee !”

He smiled 

And my soul 

Got lulled again 

By the opium of hope 

But another look at the cup 

Raised the goosebumps 

Of fear again 

The white heart floating 

In the browns of coffee

Had holes in it !

Not one , but four !

I sushed my despair 

And drank in

The white heart 

With four holes .

Reaching home

His smiles peeled away 

The mask of cordiality 

And the hiss was back on 

“Am sleeping in the 

Other room , 

Let me die alone 

If you don’t want me to live alone ”

The heart with holes started churning inside me

Threatening all 

Sucking all 

Into its widening holes 

I rushed into the washroom

Trying to throw out

The heart with holes 

But it embedded itself

Deep in the crevasses

Of my own heart 

And now 

I have two hearts 

With holes .