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The White Snake 

It sat curled up
In scaly layers
On the floor
Just where my bed ended
Looking at me
In rapt concentration
The massive white snake

Alone in my room
(Our house follows
The ritual of isolation
Religiously )
I didn’t know
What to do
The screams stifled
In fear
Body lapsed in stillness

Suddenly my dog
Came rushing in
And stood between me
And the white entity

He ,my dog
Has yet not learnt
To place the
‘Do not Disturb’ sign
Around his neck ,at night

I ran out
But stood in the courtyard
Lookin back at the scene
In my room

The beast and the being
Looking at each other
Doing nothing !
The snake listless
At the unwanted
Change of prey
And my dog
Undecided about
Which layer to bite first

Drenched in sweat
I woke up
The dog lying at my feet
Snoring slightly

Every night
I see the scaly layers
And hug my dog even closer
While the house follows
The culture of isolation



Still searching for everything ! Amateur photographer , poet , biker ( pillion riding !) , traveller , blogger , adventurer , book crazy , animal lover .

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