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Throbbing Stillness

Sprouting still

I have been standing

Since ages

Echoing tales of eras

Buried deep in time’s womb

Mourning the loss of

Cultures and civilizations

Celebrating the immotility

Of memories and moments

My heart still beats

With the sound of

Faded footsteps

My soul flutters

Out of hibernation

With each new presence

Each touch


Within my being

The sunset Lulls

All my demons and angels

To sleep

The dawn Awakens

New fears and hopes

My stony eyes span all

Refusing to blink

Not missing a single mood

Nor shutting out

A single perspective

The yearning for life

Silences the need to repose

My stillness Invigorates all.

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Misprinted Hash tag

Another horizon
Another time
Life speeds up
I stagnate
Isolated destiny
A tight cocoon
Searching the dry desolation
For lush portals .
All lights up
Bathing me in
Dark layers of oblivion
The stillness
Scrounging all that was pure
All that was sacred
Shadows glare at me
With mockery and disdain
Love – still
A misprinted hash tag

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The Three

They were the three

One who always painted

Certain parts of a male body

The second always painted

His long nails black

The third

(It hurts to talk about him )

Painted an unsuspecting

Golden life grey

Their potent art

Erased an entire civilization

Of love and joy

Laying waste

What was once so alive

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Lies Kill

All the lies that you tell

To hide the stigma of past

And the deceptions of present

Do no good

They just suck the life blood

Away from the body

Drop by drop

Now it reads at 9.2

Was afraid

I would die soon

So wanted to live

To travel to distant lands

See the Aurora

Say hi to the polar bears

See you become famous

See you smile at me

With joy and love

For once

At least once

But now the hope has

Been puffed out

With the cigarettes

You love more than me

The malicious beings

You call your friends

Are experts in stripping women

Of all dignity

Specially is she is someone’s wife

Even yours

More so if yours

My mother always thought

Me to be a lively girl

Little did she know

About the black rocks

That fall on a woman’s heart

When she loves a man

Like the temple ruins we saw today

My time is dilapidated

The future is dead

Only wish the blood does not

Go drop by drop

I don’t want to scream

Like my mother did

While dying

I wish to bleed quickly and go before the screams hit

Killing myself would not be easy though

It is a sin

Am afraid