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Life !
Arid winds of
Parched destiny
Timbered heart
Up in smoke
Rare showers with
Tiny puddles
Of cool shadow
And half filled scoops
Of smile

A selfie at a roadside eatery during our Rajasthan Bike trip
Photo clicked by my husband Vikas Panghal

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I Was Here

I was here once
The stones still fragrant
With my touch
The windows echoing
My presence
The ladder reverberating
The tinkle of my feet
The shadows donning
A nostalgic smile
Remembering the kaleidoscopic
Flutter of my vesture
I was here once
The silence of time
The depth of love
Through scrolls of history
And my final moments
Creating new annals of tragedy
Engraved in space
I was here once

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One more try

I clutch at hope

Knocking with all my heart

But your wear

Walls Of hardened self

And I fall yet again

I would love to

Rise and try

Like always

But this time

The injuries

Have sapped deep

Into my soul Leaving an empty skeleton

Of the love that was

The life that lived

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That Room

The sinking floor

Of red bricks

A wide open door

With no curtains

Planks of wood overhead

Lizards’ playground

Two windows

Painted lemon

By me and a friend

Long lost since

A narrow cupboard

Where books rested

The big peepal tree

Outside the window

Rain trapped

In its soft leaves

Gusty walls wearing

Naughty posters

A record player

And pictures

For sound and smiles

The freedom of loneliness

The ties of love

Co -existing

In simplicity

That Room

Was blessed !

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Shell Man

It is all black

The shell

Wherein you hide

With piercing curves

To ward off

My attempts to draw you out

Only the tentacles are visible

And sometimes

Traces of camouflaged

Smoldering sting

Smudge Your earth

Or mine

You slither around

And slither away

All agog with

Secret personal agenda

Addiction to self

Consumes all

Emotional commitment

Not your style

All the time

I wait with baited breath

For the shell

To burst

All splinters

Finally embedding into

All of me

Ending the ordeal

Of waiting for the kill

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Throbbing Stillness

Sprouting still

I have been standing

Since ages

Echoing tales of eras

Buried deep in time’s womb

Mourning the loss of

Cultures and civilizations

Celebrating the immotility

Of memories and moments

My heart still beats

With the sound of

Faded footsteps

My soul flutters

Out of hibernation

With each new presence

Each touch


Within my being

The sunset Lulls

All my demons and angels

To sleep

The dawn Awakens

New fears and hopes

My stony eyes span all

Refusing to blink

Not missing a single mood

Nor shutting out

A single perspective

The yearning for life

Silences the need to repose

My stillness Invigorates all.

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Misprinted Hash tag

Another horizon
Another time
Life speeds up
I stagnate
Isolated destiny
A tight cocoon
Searching the dry desolation
For lush portals .
All lights up
Bathing me in
Dark layers of oblivion
The stillness
Scrounging all that was pure
All that was sacred
Shadows glare at me
With mockery and disdain
Love – still
A misprinted hash tag